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Bramble Class

Summer 1 News Letter

Beautiful Butterflies Home Learning

On Thursday 20th April Bramble Class went to visit studios at The Black Barn in Hambrook. We walked in the meadow and discovered some unusual sculptures on the way. Some of the figures were huge!

We wondered through a chain maze and there were pictures and patterns on every wall. 

Inside the studio we found out how Laura planned her animal sculptures. She often starts with a drawing or painting of the character and sometimes she creates a collage before starting work on her pottery. Her figures seem to have human faces and feelings. 

We all tried t o raw a slug using Laura's picture to help us  and used pastel and collage to give it a personality.

We had a great day and learnt so much!

Mat Black Barn


Bramble Class learnt about Space in Spring term. There have learnt a dance to David Bowies Space Oddity.


 Mrs Morgan and Erin visited Bramble Class today (Thursday 16th March) to talk about engineers. They showed the children the Goblin Car that the older children in Hawthorn Class build and then race.

Mrs Morgan and Erin

 This then inspired the children to do some of their own engineering.

One group made a buggy, another made a fuel pump and another group made a space ship and steps to get into it.


Space Buggy


Fuel Pump


Space Ship



 On Wednesday the 22nd January, the Bramble Reception children came back to school in the dark to have bedtime storytime. They enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits and then snuggled up in their pjs and blankets to listen to some favourite stories. zzzzzzzz



Home Learning - Ice Kingdoms

Bramble Class have been exploring the Arctic. They have create their own Arctic Landscape. If you look closely even the animals are in their correct places.