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Hawthorn Class

Welcome to Hawthorn Class.

Hawthorn Class have been learning about reflection in science. They have made periscopes.


Hawthorn Class



On Thursday 23rd February Hawthorn Class went on the train to London to visit the


Hawthorn Class - London Trip


Globe Theatre and the Tower of London.

Hawthorn Art (Spring Term)


Art Workshop – February 2023

Over two days, different children visited the local art workshop and gallery of two sculptors called Andrew Sabin and Laura Ford. Here they explored how Laura’s work was planned and then crafter, looking at some molds which she has created while discussing the different materials she can use to produce her work. The children then went to the gallery and viewed some of Andrew’s work before he showed them all how he used margarine as casts for his sculptures.

During these workshops the children also completed some sketching and pastel work.

Science – Spring Term

Over this term the children have studied electricity and used symbols within diagrams. They have explored voltage and investigated the following questions:

Does the voltage affect the brightness of the bulb?

Does the length of the wire affect the brightness of the bulb?

After exploring these questions, the children finally created their own game, which needed a completed circuit. During these sessions, they also completed circuits using LEDs and Crumble Boards to create patterned lights and get motors working.









In February the children have been learning about percentages and their relationship with fractions and decimals.


Biscuit teaching Year 6 maths           

In English we have been doing non-chronological writing. See what we have been producing.

Hawthorn Class - English

We had great fun with our Ancient Greek homework.

Hawthorn Class - Greek Homework

 Spring News Letter