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Basketball final


On Thursday 26 of January our school went into the finals of a basketball tournament representing West Sussex. After beating 5 other teams in the area such as Kingsham.

Their fisrt match was against St Nicholas & St Marys it was tough since it was our first match but we pulled through and it ended up 6-6. Our next match was Our Lady Queen Of Heaven. This was a really hard match because it was so rough and we ended up losing by 2 points the score was 6-4. Next was St Marys this match was the easiest for us and we won 8-4. This was our last match and it was the hardest of them all. We were up against Chesswood we went on the pitch and all our shots were blocked by this person who towered over us. Sadly we lost 22-6.

Now it was time for the results, in 5th place Birchwood, in 4th place was Funtington, in 3rd was St Nicholas & St Marys, in 2nd was Our Lady Queen Of Heaven and so in 1st place was Chesswood.


On Tuesday, five selected children from Funtington school where chosen to play at a basketball tournament. Statham, George, Ava, Aimee and Jenson played all five matches.

In our first match we played against South Bersted. We all scored a basket which led us to a win - 12-2.

In our second match we were against Kingsham 1 and George, Statham, Jenson and Aimee all scored making us one step closer to overall victory. The score was 10-0.

Kingsham 2 was up next, George, Jenson, Statham and Ava scored, meaning we won 14-4.

After a drinks break rose green was ready to compete and in this one only Statham and George scored a basket making it 4-0 to Funtington. We realised we needed to get closer to the basket to score!

Leading to the final match North Mundham was off to a good start so this one was a challenge for us. During this match we had a lot of tough defending but Jenson did particularly well. In the end the final score was 6-10 to them.

With our heads up high we still had a chance of winning. Everyone settled down in their groups and waited for the sport leader to tell everyone were we placed. Soon after they said Funtington took the victory we all cheered. We then got told to come and collect our medals and soon we left with proud faces.

We now have the chance to represent the Chichester at the next round on the 26th.

By Aimee and Ava




On Wednesday the 9th of November we played dodgeball at Westgate leisure centre. The rules were if you hit someone in the head it did not count as an out but were out if it hit you anywhere else without bouncing first. There were five balls in total the two on your left were guaranteed to get. It was the same with the other team and the ball in the middle was contested between both sides. Each team had to pick their fastest player to try and get the middle ball.

We played 11 games in all and the other schools were Chidham, Weastdean 1, 2 and 3, Sidleshem, Boxgrove, the March, Jessie Younghusband, Kingsham, Southway and Edward Bryant. We won seven out of the eleven games we played and came 4th out of 11 with 41 points.

A massive thank you to Mr Lane for spending his afternoon with us.

By Niall, Statham and Oscar



At the Bourne on Monday 7th November, Funtington played a netball tournament. On the first of the

four games we played against Thorney and the score was 0-0. In the second round we all changed positions and beat Westbourne 3-0 with Aimee scoring three goals. In the next round we played Thorney again and won 1-0 with Indiya scoring before beating Westbourne again with Ava and Lilli-Rose scoring. The total scores were 6 goals scores and 0 conceded. Everyone played in different positions and there was some great defensive play and passing from Eva and Esmi too!

By Lilli-Rose



On Monday 16th of January 2023, nine children went to a football tournament. We played thorny and we won 6-4 Oscar scored 3 Statham scored 1 Lucas scored 1 and henry scored 1. We also played Bosham and the score was 5-0 to us Oscar scored 2, Statham scored 2 and Lucas scored 1. We also played Westbourne but unfortunately, the score was 0-6 to them.

The next week, on Monday 23rd January 2023 the same team went to play football again. We drew 1-1 with Oscar scoring versus Thorney and Fraser making a string of unbelievable Petr Cechesque saves. We also played Southbourne and the score was 0-0. Finally, we played Westbourne and the score was 0-5 to them.

Over these two weeks, we can hold our heads up high as we showed great character, resilience and an excellent supportive attitude. 


 At Funtingtons football tournament 12 teams played each other in 2 groups of 6. Our first game we drew 1-1 against The March. Next we had Boxgrove and we won 2-0 with Statham’s great assist and Oscar’s goal. Ewan was a star this game, running all match. The second goal was scored by Statham and next we had North Mundham where we won 1-0 with Oscar’s goal and Oliver made a couple of good saves. Then we had Bishop Tufnell where we drew again 2-2. George was solid in defence and Ash made some good runs and gave options on the wing.  Our last game of the group stages was against Southway where we unfortunately lost 4-2 in the cages despite Lucas’ constant running. I could have been more two if not for Fraser’s brilliant goalkeeping. These results meant we finished 4th in our group so we then played Edward Bryant of the other group and won 4-0 with Alfie scoring a delightful goal!

By Statham, Oscar and Alfie


I am so proud of the whole team for their attitude and hard-work through the day. They followed the Footprints and represented the school at a high standard. Well done to all.  Mr Starr


Locality Football tournament



On Monday 10th October, after school, Funtington primary school took part in a football tournament at Bourne community college. Our first match we played well but we lost even though Oscar scored an amazing goal against Thorney. Next, we played Southbourne we took another loss and Oliver made some super saves and Alfie made some great tackles. We went upstairs for a break and had a team talk about our next match. We were ready to give Thorney a challenge and Alfie scored from the half way line! But we still lost. We were up against Southbourne and Henry was in goal, George and Ash were in defence. Lucas made a few passes into Oscar but still we took a loss. We were all very happy about being picked for the team even though we didn’t win.

Year 3/4 Paralympics 

On Tuesday 11th October, ten children from Rosehip class went to the born and participated in


Paralympics Year 3/4


Paralympic sports.

These sports included new age curling, wheel chair fencing, sprinting blindfolded and goalball. In new curling we did target practice with disks that had metal marbles on the bottom of the disks to make them move - we also did mini matches.

In wheel chair fencing, we tried fencing while seated and mini battles also while seated. In sprinting we worked together to cross the line while one of us was blindfolded.

In goalball there were bells in the ball and the goalies were blindfolded. They had to hear the ball and then dive in the right direction to make a save.

Thank you Mrs Lawrence – we all had great fun!